ESR 8 (University of Bielefeld)


University of Bielefeld

Project Title:

Assessing signal transduction processes in LSECs under inflammatory conditions by optical nanoscopy


(1) SR-SIM investigation of signal transduction under inflammatory conditions using a transgenic mouse reporter for NF-kB to assess stress of isolated LSECs

(2) High-speed SR-SIM imaging to determine the effects of NF-kB inhibitors (Aspirin, glucorcorticoids), monitor all NF-kB DNA binding subunits (p50, p65, c-Rel, RelB and p52), and to follow inhibition of nuclear translocation of NF-kB by Cineol

(3) utilize combined 2-photon, high speed SR-SIM and microfluidic perfusion of liver slices to assess NF-kB inflammation markers in liver tissue under environmental control and environmental stress, i.e. hypoxia

Expected Results:

(1) LSECs and liver slices isolated from reporter mouse, NF-kB activation monitored by SR-SIM

(2) NF-kB inhibitor and activators in LSECs and liver slice cultures assessed

(3) distribution and dynamics of NF-kB DNA binding subunits in primary cells assessed

(4) 2-photon SR-SIM characterization of distribution of inflammation markers throughout perfused liver tissue completed

Universität Bielefeld - Biomolecular Photonics - Faculty of Physics - Universitätsstraße 25 - D-33615 Bielefeld - Germany

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