ESR 7 (Cherry Biotech)


Cherry Biotech

Project Title:

Development of microfluidic organ-on-chip systems with rapid temperature control for optical nanoscopy


(1) Development of microfluidics organ-on-chip platforms that allow for the maintenance and support of organ functions by perfusing tissue sections while facilitating high speed, high resolution imaging of cellular morphology

(2) Implementation of rapid temperature changes through steering of fluid flow facilitates short-term very high resolution imaging and deceleration of physiological function

(3) Nanoscopy of fenestration dynamics in perfused organ slices

(4) Control of gas partial pressure will enable the control and simulation of physiological stress, such as hypoxia

Expected Results:

(1) Perfusion of liver slices and maintenance of physiological function demonstrated for several hours

(2) rapid fluid exchange with temperature control demonstrated in support of high resolution 3D nanoscopy

(3) Controlling gas partial pressure while maintaining SR-SIM measurements demonstrated

(4) imaging of fenestration dynamics in intact liver sinusoids demonstrated

Universität Bielefeld - Biomolecular Photonics - Faculty of Physics - Universitätsstraße 25 - D-33615 Bielefeld - Germany

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