ESR 13 (University of Tromsø)


University of Tromsø

Project Title:

Optical nanoscopy of the pharmacological clearance function of LSECs


(1) Generation of monoclonal antibodies to stabilin-2, the major workhorse LSEC scavenger receptor

(2) Use of these antibodies to map the fate of stabilin-2 and its ligands in LSEC during scavenging by SR-SIM

(3) Use of antibodies to determine changes in the expression (number and location) of LSEC stabilin-2 in response to small molecule challenge in vitro and in vivo in rodents, and in precision cut liver slice specimens from animal models of liver disease and of diseased and normal human liver specimens by SR-SIM

Expected Results:

(1) Highly specific antibody reagents that recognise stabilin-2 generated

(2) dissemination of antibodies to beneficiaries and partners

(3) nanoscopic imaging of stabilin-2 dynamics in vitro demonstrated (resolution 100 nm, speed 20 frames/s (3D)

(4) changes in stabilin-2 expression determined in response to small-molecule interactions

(5) imaging of stabilin-2 within LSEC precision cut liver slices by SR-SIM nanoscopy achieved

Universität Bielefeld - Biomolecular Photonics - Faculty of Physics - Universitätsstraße 25 - D-33615 Bielefeld - Germany

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