1st Network Meeting - a big success!

The first full Network Meeting of the DeLIVER consortium took place on a Hurtigruten ship. All supervisors and ESRs assembled in Tromso, Norway, one of our main beneficiary sites, before boarding the ship for a 3 1/2 day meeting. This setting provided an excellent framework for all ESRs, as well as their supervisors, to connect and form a tight network.

All supervisors were asked to briefly present the research activities of their labs as part of the introduction, followed by all ESRs giving talks about their background and their projects as part of the action.

In addition, two renowned experts provided extended lectures to the consortium:

Prof. David LeCouteur (Scientific Director of the Ageing and Alzheimer's Institute at Concord Hospital, Sydney, Australia) from the DeLIVER partner site at the University of Sydney, Australia, gave an introductory lecture on liver sinusoidal endothelial cell (LSEC) biology and their role in ageing. LSEC and their unique morphology and properties are the main biological target of this action.

Prof. Friedemann Kiefer (one of the Directors of the European Institute of Molecular Imaging in Münster, Germany) from the University Hospital Münster, Germany, gave an introductory lecture on intravital microscopy and the challenges arising from intravital imaging, a topic that will become of great importance for the latter half of this action.

In addition, the DeLIVER project manager Dr. Mark Schüttpelz gave a scientific skills course in the form of a general introduction to superresolution microscopy, and the project coordinator, Prof. Thomas Huser, gave a soft skills course on Responsible Conduct in Research, where issues such as initiating and maintaining collaborations, dispute resolution, publications, and scientific misconduct were discussed with the ESRs.



Other Recent News:

Coming up: MidTerm Check Meeting in Brussels, April 29, 2019

Other events:  

  • Super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging (SOFI) workshop, ZiF plenary hall, Bielefeld, August 28-30, 2019
  • 2nd Network Meeting, Birmingham, United Kingdom, October 2019
  • ICON Europe 2020, Jena, Germany, 2020 (several DeLIVER PIs are co-organizers)