Development of 3D microfluidic cultivation and cell manipulation systems for optical nanoscopy

Project 4 - Alessandra Dellaquila

Elvesys Innovation Center, France


(1) Development of microfluidics platforms integrated with high-speed SR-SIM

(2) Enabling controlled exposure of endothelial cells to small molecules and lipid nanoparticles while facilitating high speed, high resolution imaging of cellular morphology

(3) Extension of microfluidics to facilitate LSECs endothelial tube formation replicating sinusoids in vitro in 3D cell culture and efficient fluorescent staining

(4) Nanoscopy of fenestration dynamics in endothelial tube system

Expected Results:

(1) High resolution imaging of LSEC dynamics in microfluidics system in vitro performed

(2) small-molecule interactions with LSECs at varying concentrations assessed

(3) high speed nanoscopy of LSECs within 3D endothelial tubes


Project Lead:
Dr. Lydie Jeux

Early Stage Researcher:
Alessandra Dellaquila

Alessandra Dellaquila is from Torino, Italy. She completed her Bachelor and Master of Science (2011-2016) in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. For her Master thesis, she worked on statistical characterization of surface wettability of polydimethylsiloxane in the Laboratory of Nanotechnology for Precision Medicine (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy). In 2017 she started working as Research Fellow at the Italian National Research Center (ISTEC-CNR) on advanced nanocomposite biomaterials for tissue engineering. Since July 2018, she is a PhD student at the Faculty of Physics, Bielefeld University (Germany), under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Huser. Her research, based in Paris at Elvesys Innovation Center, deals with development of microfluidic platforms integrated with super-resolution microscopy for 3D human liver biology.