M.Sc. Internship offer (Cherry Biotech)

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Cherry Biotech


Boosting microfluidic chip flexibility for cell culture and long-term perfusion experiments: scientific valorization of a research project


M.SC Internship offer


Year 2017 – 2018


Title :

Boosting microfluidic chip flexibility for cell culture and long-term perfusion experiments: scientific valorization of a research project


Key words: Microfluidics, cell culture, scientific valorization, entrepreneurship


Name of the company

Cherry Biotech SAS, Innovation Unit department.



Responsible : Thomas Guérinier Chief Scientist Officer

+33 9 86 48 73 04


Supervisor Pierre Gaudriault R&D Manager

+33 9 86 48 73 04

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Project :


We are now at a crossroad in the improvement of health and diseases treatment. Indeed, while we have more and more knowledge about physiology and biology, news therapies are more costly than ever and their development takes more and more time. One of the reasons is lack of predictivity of the two most used and approved models: 2D cells in a dish and animal testing. To tackle this issue, Cherry Biotech is developing the next generation of in vitro tests based on microfluidic technology. Organ-on-a-chip represents a step closer to the physiology with the great hope of reducing the time for the discovery of new therapies as well as the huge costs associated to their validation and approval. An organ-on-a-chip is a micro device that replicates the physiology and the functionality of a whole organ. Cherry Biotech expertise in the precise control of the micro- environment for cell culture is a key skill in the achievement of an organ-on-a-chip. One of our projects led to the design of a chip enabling both the cellular culture (3D culture, stem cells differentiation…) and the temperature control while culturing and imaging.


This internship consists of pushing forward this technology by implementing a liquid injection system (buffer, culture medium, sample, cells to be sorted, drugs…). To do so, the intern will have to select and tests different materials, implements its own design solutions and biologically validate them in view of a potential commercialization of the product. To summarize, this internship offers a unique opportunity to experience the complex and existing journey of bridging academic research and industrial innovation.


The intern will be welcomed in a dynamic start-up environment and learned about scientific results valorization, industrialization and entrepreneurship. He/she will interact directly with the top

Steps and objectives

-Acquire knowledge about the actual design chip

-Bibliographic research about materials and existing solutions on the market

-Injection system design and prototyping

-Implementation and optimization of the selected prototype under the supervision of the top management team

-Biological validation and troubleshooting


Technics that will be used

Among others, here are some key techniques

-Laser cutter


-Electronic instrumentation


-Computer Assisted Design (Solidworks…)

-Cell culture (cell lines, 3D structures,…)

Universität Bielefeld - Biomolecular Photonics - Faculty of Physics - Universitätsstraße 25 - D-33615 Bielefeld - Germany

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